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Q.R.G. - Settings - How to Add / Update POS Permissions
Q.R.G. - Settings - How to Add / Update POS Permissions

These permissions are for the Point of Sale access

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  • Click Dashboard

  • Click Settings

  • Click Roles

  • Click + New to Add a Role or Select the Role Name to Update

  • Click Permissions tab

  • Scroll to the Permission section Sales / POS

  • Select Enable or Disable all of the section permissions or for individual permissions, select OFF or ON to toggle the permission selected


Select YES or NO to allow or deny the user the ability to perform the following actions.

  • Require Sales Rep to complete ticket

  • Remember selected sales reps between tickets

  • Require Customer to complete ticket

  • Display item images on pos tickets

  • Accept layaways

  • Require reason when adjusting price

  • Require reason when voiding a ticket

  • Require reason when removing item from ticket

  • Play alert when scanned item doesn't exist

  • Prompt for exporting cash drawer open / close

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