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Reporting: Groups and Metrics Overview
Reporting: Groups and Metrics Overview

What do the Groups and Metrics selections mean?

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This article will describe what the Groups and Metrics selections mean to better assist you in creating your own individualized reports for your retail store using Heartland Retail POS.

What are Groups?

Groups are synonymous with "Categories".

Question: What are you wanting to report on?

  • Items

  • Custom fields

  • Customers

  • Vendors

  • Transfers

  • Dates

  • Purchase Orders

  • Purchasing Receipts

  • Payment Types

  • Reason Codes

What are Metrics?

Metrics are the raw data or numbers of the report.

Questions: How many? [1, 100, 1,000, %] or How much?

  • Net Sales

  • Net Returns

  • Net Qty Sold

  • Sold Margin

  • Sold Margin %

  • Current Inventory on Hand

  • Current Cost on Hand

  • Current Open Qty on a Purchase Order

  • Current Price on a Purchase Order

  • Payments > Deposits

  • Payments > Refunds

Understanding what each function relates to will allow you to be well on your way to creating impactful reports for your business.

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