In order to diagnose certain hardware issues, our development team will need to examine the log files created by Heartland Retail Connect. This article describes how to find and capture those.

Mac OS Instructions

Open Finder by clicking on any folder. On the top menu, click Go, then hold the Option key. You will see the hidden item Library appear on the menu.

Click Library to open its folder, then navigate to the folder Application Support. Inside that folder, find the folder HeartlandRetailConnect.

Open the HeartlandRetailConnect folder. Inside, you'll see two files called api.log and main.log. Copy those files to the desktop, then send them to Heartland Retail Support.

Windows Instructions

Open File Explorer, which is most easily found by clicking the folder icon at the bottom of the screen.

In the destination bar, enter the following: %appdata%/HeartlandRetailConnect

This will bring you to the folder HeartlandRetailConnect, where you'll find the files you need, called api.log and main.log

Copy the files to your desktop and send them to Heartland Retail Support.

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