Once you have a Clover Station, follow these steps to connect and use it with Heartland Retail. Note that the Clover Station does NOT require the use of Heartland Retail Connect.

Out of Box Setup

Use the Clover Help Center: Connecting and activating your Station article to guide out of the box setup. This article covers what is in the following,

  • What's in the Box
  • Network Setup. Ethernet & Wireless
  • Activating Station
  • Printer Setup
  • Customizing your Clover Device

Enable the Clover gateway

Note: The following steps will need to be completed on a device with browser access.

  1. In Heartland Retail, navigate to Settings in the top navigation menu and click "Credit Cards" on the left menu bar. Click on the location where you'd like to use the Clover Mini.
  2. Select Add Gateway
  3. Select Clover as shown below:

4. Select Connect on the popup, as shown below:

5. You will be redirected to Clover.com where you will be prompted to enter your Clover.com username and password.

  • You should have received an email from Clover to setup your Clover account. If you don't believe you received this info and/or you need the username and password, you can contact Clover support directly at 844-864-5450. When you call you will need your Merchant id to authenticate your account.

6. Single location setup will be redirected to Heartland Retail. Multi-location setups will be prompted on Clover.com to select the merchant account for the location you are setting up. Once you confirm, you will be redirected back to Heartland Retail and you will see the screen below.

Congratulations! You have completed the Processing setup!

Connect the Station to the POS

1. On the Clover Station, navigate to the POS. Select the left Menu =

2. Select Settings

3. In the "Payment Device" & "Receipt Printer" dropdowns, select your Clover Station as shown below:

Note: If you don't see your Clover Station show up in the dropdown, it is most likely a problem with the configuration on the Clover Station itself. Make sure that the device you are trying to connect is associated with the Clover.com account you connected to Heartland Retail. You may need to contact Clover support to confirm this. The merchant id (MID) number on the device needs to match the device number in the clover.com account.

If you need any help with the Clover device set up (outside of what is done in Heartland Retail) or use of the device, you can contact Clover Support directly at 844-864-5450. When you call you will need your merchant id to authenticate your account. Clover support can answer any questions about your Clover device - including set up, using the device, and any other technical advice about the device.

Congratulations! You are now ready to use the Clover Station with Heartland Retail.

If you would like a tutorial of the new UI check it out here: POS V2 (beta) Basic Walkthrough

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