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How to Install your Zebra USB label printer on Mac
How to Install your Zebra USB label printer on Mac
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This guide covers setup and installation of the Zebra ZD410 USB label printer. It should also apply to earlier models of Zebra desktop label printers, including the LP2824 Plus. 

Before you begin ...

In order for Heartland Retail to network with printers, you will need to have Heartland Retail Connect installed and running on your computer. For download and installation instructions, click here.

Note: You will also need your username and password for the computer.

Step 1: Set up your printer and ensure it functions

Before you connect the ZD410 to your computer, power it on, load label media, and print a configuration report. For detailed instructions on how to do that, refer to the Setup section of the official Zebra ZD410 User Guide, which can be found here. We recommend that you read this user manual carefully as it is a valuable resource, including an extensive troubleshooting guide.

Once you have successfully printed a configuration report, connect your printer to the computer using the supplied USB cable.

Step 2: Install the printer using the CUPS interface

CUPS is the interface you will use to add your Zebra printer and select a driver. To access CUPS, copy and paste the following address into your web browser: http://localhost:631

If you have never accessed CUPS through the web interface, you will get the message: "Web Interface is Disabled."

To enable it, copy "cupsctl WebInterface=yes". 

Now, select the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen and enter, "Terminal" into the Spotlight Search.

Open Terminal, paste the text you just copied, and press Enter.

The command will execute, giving no feedback. When you refresh your browser on http://localhost:631, you will now see the CUPS web interface main page. Under the heading CUPS for Administrators, select Adding Printers and Classes.

This will take you to the Administration page. Under the heading Printers, click Add Printer.

You will likely be asked for the username and password for your computer.

If your printer is turned on and connected to your computer, you should see it on the list of local printers, called Zebra Technologies ZTC ZD410-203dpi ZPL. (The name may differ from this example). Select your printer and click Continue.

The next screen allows you to edit information about the printer but this is not necessary. Click Continue to proceed.

On the next screen, you will choose the printer driver. From the list in the Model field, select Zebra ZPL Label Printer (en) and click Add Printer.

CUPS will prompt you to set printer options. Under General, set the default Media Size to the label size you'll be most likely to use and click Set Default Options.

Step 3: Activate and test the printer in Heartland Retail

Quit and restart Heartland Retail Connect. Then go into Heartland Retail and refresh your web browser.

You may need to reload the POS devices before you can see the printer:

From the POS click the Menu button in the top left corner to open the sidebar. Select Settings at the bottom of this menu. This will pop up a device selection screen. Click on the Reload devices, wait for the receipt printer and payment devices to repopulate.

Finally, go to Inventory >> Items, select an item, and click Print Labels.

Your newly installed Zebra ZD410 printer should appear as a choice on the Select Destination menu. Select it and click Print Labels. If your label prints successfully, your Zebra ZD410 label printer is now installed and ready for action!

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