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How to install your Zebra LAN label printer on Mac, iPad and Windows
How to install your Zebra LAN label printer on Mac, iPad and Windows
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This guide covers setup and installation of the Zebra ZD410 LAN series of label printer. It should also apply to earlier models of Zebra desktop label printer, such as the LP2824 Plus. Please note, this printer will not be visible in System Preferences >> Printers and Scanners and will not be available to other programs.

Before you begin ...

In order for Heartland Retail to interface with printers, you'll need to have Heartland Retail Connect installed and running on your computer. For download and installation instructions, click here.

If you're using an iPad connect is already installed within the iOS App so just make sure to download it from the App Store here!

Step 1: Connect your printer to the router

Locate your internet router and plug your Zebra ZD printer into an available ethernet port. It does not matter if your computer connects to the network via ethernet or wifi as long as all devices are on the same subnetwork.

Once the printer is plugged in, we will want to do a test to make sure it has a valid IP address to verify it is viewable to your network. On your Zebra printer, you will need to print a network configuration report.

  1. Flip the power switch on the side of the printer on

  2. Once the printer is in the ready state (Status indicator is solid green), press and hold the FEED and CANCEL buttons for two seconds and release.

  3. Nine labels should print out. The last label printed will be titled "Network Configuration"

The second label printed should resemble the image below (though the actual numbers will vary) and the IP ADDRESS should be labeled under IP PROTOCOL. If the IP Address is " (Didn't obtain)" it indicates a problem with the connection between your printer and your local network router or switch. Check the cabling and try again.

Step 2: Select and test your printer in Heartland Retail

Once you have successfully obtained an IP Address from your printer, you are nearly ready to use it in Heartland Retail.

First, start Heartland Retail Connect if it is not already running. If it is running, quit and restart the app.

Next, from within Heartland Retail navigate to the Dashboard and refresh your web browser. Then head into the Point of Sale and click on the side menu bar at the top left of the screen then click settings. Once there you'll press the Reload Devices button to actively search for new devices connected to the network. Once the receipt and payment device field repopulate, you can click the X button at the top right of that window to close it.

Finally navigate to the Inventory tab and click the Items button in the dropdown. Select an item you wish to print as a test.

Click the Print Labels button on the right side of the item screen.

This will load a window that allows you to select your receipt printer under the Select Destination dropdown menu. If you have successfully followed the steps up to this point, your printer will be displayed with an IP Address such as ( The IP Address listed should be the same as the address you obtained during step 1.

Once you have selected the correct Zebra printer, click the Print Labels button. If your label prints successfully, your Zebra ZD410 label printer is now installed and ready for action!

Printing Labels

There are one more important thing to note about printing labels on a Mac:

When printing you MUST select the proper label size for your paper size in the print dialog:

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