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How to Create a Negative On-Hands Report
How to Create a Negative On-Hands Report

Identify and correct inventory discrepancies

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Reviewing your items with negative on-hand quantities is one of the best ways to uncover discrepancies in your inventory. Here's how to view those using the Reporting feature in Heartland Retail.

To create a new report, go to Reporting >> Analysis.

Start on the Filters tab by selecting Today as your date range. Then set a Metrics filter with the parameters Current Inventory >> Qty On Hand is less than 0.

Next, go to the Groups tab and add Item #, Item Description, and whatever other item info you'd like to see.

Next, go to the Metrics tab and add Current Inventory >> Qty On Hand.

Finally, go to the Options tab and un-check Include Subtotals?. This will make the report display one line per item.

If you've successfully followed the steps above, you should now have see a list like the one below:

So now you know which of your items have negative on-hand quantities. To learn the story of how they got that way, click on any underlined Item #. (You'll need to have Include Links? checked on the Options tab.) This will open that item's record in a new tab. Scroll down to view Inventory History to see what led up to your item's on-hand quantity going negative. 

In this example above, we sold 6 units of the product on a ticket without receiving it first. Oops!

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