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Can I 'undo' or delete a purchase receipt or return?
Can I 'undo' or delete a purchase receipt or return?
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There is currently no way to undo, or reverse, a purchasing receipt or return in Heartland Retail. For example, if you accidentally create a duplicate receipt, below are the steps we recommend to address this.

If you accidentally complete a receiving in Heartland Retail, there are two ways to get the inventory out of Heartland Retail:

  1. Purchasing Return: You can use the 'Return' feature to remove the inventory out Heartland Retail (Purchasing > Return).

  2. Inventory Adjustment: You can adjust the inventory quantity out of Heartland Retail using the 'Adjustments' feature in the 'Inventory' menu of the top navigation bar (Inventory>> Adjustments). You can also consider adding a new 'Adjustment Reason' (Settings >> Reason Codes >> Inventory Adjustments) called something like "Reverse Receipt" to use for these adjustments.

You will need to determine which of the above methods would be best for your business needs. However, here are some reasons to consider using a Purchasing Return:

  • Using a Purchasing return will allow your 'Net Received Qty' metrics to be correct.

  • Using a Purchasing Return will allow you to track net amounts received from a vendor so that your 'by vendor reporting' can be more accurate.

  • Currently, inventory adjustments are done one item type at a time.

  • You can scan barcoded items into a Purchasing Return.

To reverse a purchasing return, you can complete a purchasing receipt or an inventory adjustment.

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