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This document outlines what you will need from Heartland Retail to complete a successful Physical Count with RGIS.

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How RGIS works

RGIS is an inventory management company that offers Physical Inventory services for retail locations of all types and sizes. To complete this, they will require a file from your team that includes the value printed on your merchandise tags.

What types of values are on my merchandise tags?

Inventory is identified in a number of ways including:

  • Item #: the value created and tracked by Heartland Retail.

  • UPC: Universal Product Code consisting of 12 numeric digits that are unique and assigned to each item.

  • Barcode (ISBN, GTIN, or barcode from previous POS that will be scanned).

What do I need from Heartland Retail?

You will require a Full Inventory Export from our team. When reaching out to Heartland Retail Support, please advise that the following values must be included on the export file:

  • SR Barcode Number

  • Inactive Items

Note: The CSV file will pull the entirety of your item data. You will pare this down to leave the following columns:

  • SR Barcode

  • UPC (if you have this)

  • Barcode/SKU

  • Any other field scannable value on merchandise tags

When should I reach out to Heartland Retail Support for my RGIS file?

One week in advance of your scheduled count. This will ensure that RGIS has time to upload your data file and run testing to ensure a successful physical count day.

RGIS has completed my physical count. How do I get the information into Heartland Retail?

Once RGIS uploads the physical count file into their portal, you will export this CSV file and import into the Heartland Retail physical count feature. Please view the following guide for importing your count: Completing Physical Counts (via scanning items or importing quantities).

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to

Good luck!

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