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Price Lists By Location
Price Lists By Location
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Price Lists are a great feature to use when selling the same items at different locations, and at different prices. For example, if you have a Main store location where you sell items at regular price, and an Outlet store where you sell those same items at a discounted price, you can use Price Lists to manage those different prices!

The Price List feature is currently in beta and offered for customers on our Enterprise tier. If you are an Enterprise customer and do not see the feature listed in your account Settings please contact

Steps to Create a New Price List:

1. Go to the Dashboard > Settings > Price Lists - Price Lists will be located at the very bottom of the Settings menu bar. 

2. Click "New Price List” - Name your Price List whatever you wish to associate it with the correct location. The "Type" will remain as "fixed price". Click the "Create" button when completed, and your new Price List will now show in your Price Lists, Locations, and at the Item and Grid level of your products.

*Note: You will see a Price List already listed as "Default" - The Default Price List stores the Original Price and Current Price of all items currently in your Heartland Retail account. Although you cannot make changes to the name of this Price List, you will be able to override the values at the Item Level.

3. Associate your Locations with the correct Price List. 

4. Input the new prices in Price List at the Item level for the correct Location. You can override the greyed out values and make changes to any prices in the price list fields, including the Default price list. All prices in the price lists will maintain the Default values at the top, until changed.

5. You can also Import the Price List information using our Import tool. Go to Items page from the Inventory drop down and press the Import button. Check "Include price lists columns in template file" then download the Excel or CSV file. You will see the price list values within the file, which you can then import. Here is a helpful guide on Importing data!

Reporting on Price Lists:

"Price List >> Name" can be found under the Groups tab, which can be used with any Source Sales metrics under the Metrics tab.

"Location Price List >> Name" can be found under the Groups tab, which can be used with any Inventory metrics.

If you should have any questions or would like to provide feedback on this feature, please reach out to us at

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