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Applying a Discount to a Purchase Order
Applying a Discount to a Purchase Order

This guide will show you how to apply a discount to your merchandise on order in Heartland Retail to reflect a credit from vendor.

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Discounting all items on a Purchase Order

*Note: a discount can only be applied to an order in both “Pending” and "Open" status.

Getting Started

  1. Create a PO (to learn more about creating a PO, view here).

  2. Add items to your Purchase Order.

  3. Highlight all Line Items on order by selecting the top check box on the left >> Apply Discount.

    4. Apply Discount by adding a percentage or dollar amount to relieve.

    5. UNIT COST will update.

     6. Select SAVE and OPEN. 

Congratulations! You've successfully applied a discount to a Purchase Order!

Discounting a Category of items on a Purchase Order

  1. Create a PO

  2. Add two different categories of items to your PO (Ex: Outerwear and Accessories)

  3. Select Filter.

   4. Under Conditions >> 'Category is one of Accessories.'
   5. Category: Outerwear will disappear leaving only Category: Accessories.
   6. Highlight Line Items by selecting the check box on left >> Apply Discount.

    7. Add discount percentage or dollar relieved.

     8. The discount will apply to the filtered category. Heartland Retail will then add the remaining non-discounted items back to the order.

       9. Select SAVE in the upper right hand corner of the screen >> OPEN and you are          all set!

If you should have any questions or want to provide feedback on this feature, please reach out to

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