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eConduit on your Clover Mini
eConduit on your Clover Mini

This article will walk you through how to install the eConduit app on your Clover Mini device and pair with Heartland Retail.

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Activating eConduit in your Heartland Retail account:

  1.  Login to your Heartland Retail account and go to Settings > Credit Cards > Location in which you are using your new device.

  2. Click on "Add Gateway" button

  3. Click the "Choose" link under the eConduit logo

  4. Next, click the "Enable" button on the following popup

Download and Install the eConduit App:

  1. As an Admin user for your Clover account access the Clover Marketplace

  2. Sign in and search for eConduit or access the More Tools on the Mini terminal and search for eConduit

  3. Select Connect and Accept

  4. Press the eConduit app icon on the Clover Mini

  5. If successful the app will state "Connected"

  6. The eConduit app needs to be running in the background.

Pairing the Clover Mini:

Pair the Mini through the POS payment device settings window (eConduit: Connecting your credit card terminal to Heartland Retail).

  1. If a Customer Facing Display device is connected, disable it by selecting the blank option from the dropdown.

  2. Reload the POS (refresh the web browser or perform a pull-to-refresh on the iOS app). On iPads, you can also double tap the home button and swipe up on the app, then reopen.

  3. Ensure the Cloud Pay Display app is closed on the Clover Mini (touch all four corners to exit)

CloudPay keeps hijacking the screen!

1: Go to the POS settings and make sure that BOTH the Customer Facing Display AND the payment device are set to BLANK

2: Once done, REFRESH this will stop SBR from trying to communicate with the clover and should free the device. You should then be able to get to the clover dashboard and install the eConduit app etc etc.

The 1 cent test transaction isn't showing on the Clover Mini (advanced)

*Clover Mini serial numbers begin with C030 or C031. Clover Mini (2nd generation) serial numbers begin with C032. To find the Clover Serial Number, head to the Setup app then click Devices

  1. Contact Heartland Retail to ensure your Mini's terminal serial number is added to the eConduit portal

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