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Coupon Usage Limits
Coupon Usage Limits

Learn how to create coupons with limited usage!

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You can now create coupons with parameters to limit usage! Below are the two scenarios this feature will cover. 

-Set an overall limit of how many times a coupon can be used to ensure that your coupon campaigns run within your set budget. Ex: An exclusive coupon that can only be used 100 times total.

-Set a limit so that a customer can only use it once. This helps avoid overuse by a single customer and spreads the discounts across your broader customer base.

Here are scenarios when the coupon count will increase in usage, meaning if you set a limit to 100 uses the below scenarios will decrease the 100 coupons available to 99 available

  1.  When Tickets are completed.

  2.  When Sales Orders are opened.

  3.  When Layaways receive their first deposit.

Here are scenarios where the coupon count will decrease in usage:
  1.  When a Sales Order goes from Open to Pending.
  2.  When a Layaway is Cancelled.
  3.  When a deposit is voided on a Layaway (Voiding a deposit here causes the layaway to go back to a Pending status)

Notes and Tips:  

-When returning an item on a completed ticket, there will NOT be a decrease in the usage count if a customer has already used a coupon on a prior ticket.

-If you complete a new ticket without the customer's name attached, you will still be able to add the customer's name to the ticket after the fact.

-If you complete a new ticket without the customer's name (e.g. they don't want you to record their information) and they use the coupon, it will only count against the overall usage count and not track towards a particular individual, therefore not restricting those customers to the one time usage limit.

-In the case that you have added a coupon to the ticket and before you are able to complete that ticket and the coupon reaches the use limit (customer limit or total usage count), you will have the option to remove the coupon. This also applies to layaways and sales orders.

Did you know?

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Note: This feature is for the Professional tier and above.

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