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In-Store Replenishment Tool
In-Store Replenishment Tool

This feature will help keep your sales floor properly stocked! (Beta)

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The in-store replenishment feature allows your team to keep your sales floor stocked with items as they sell. To activate this new feature please contact Once we have turned it on for you go to Inventory > In-Store Replenishment.

Once in the feature you will see a list of items that have sold from the time frame noted at the top of the screen.  

Each time you complete this restock it will zero out. This means that on a busy day you can use this tool to restock your floor in the middle of the day and again right before close, eliminating the need to go through the days receipts or manually comb through back stock to remember what needs to be added to the front of house. 

You can use the Print & Clear button which will print the list of items to replenish and clear the list or you can export to a PDF. Exporting to a PDF and printing from a PDF will not clean the list. 

The in-store replenishment tool will be released for the Professional Tier and above. 

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