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Shipping Integration: Where can it be used?
Shipping Integration: Where can it be used?
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If you find yourself shipping items to customers, between stores, or back to vendors then you may find our shipping integration to be helpful!

With the shipping integration, you can print labels from a transfer in the "in transit" status, a sales invoice, and a return to vendor.

Once you have your carrier selected (learn how to set that up here), when you click print, you'll see a few options.ย 

When you complete an invoice from a sales order, put a transfer into the "in transit" status, or complete a return to vendor, you will see the option to print.

Once you click print you'll have an option to print the invoice, gift invoice, or shipping label from the sales invoice or a packing slip or shipping label from the transfer and RTV.
When you select shipping label, you'll be given the opportunity to select the carrier, package type, weight, service/rates, and what printer to print the label to.

After you print the label you can always void the shipment by using the void button. The time in which you can void is determined by the Carrier.

Once the label is printed, a tracking number will automatically be populated into the "tracking number" field.

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