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Setting Up The Heartland Retail Shipping Integration (Beta)
Setting Up The Heartland Retail Shipping Integration (Beta)

Find out how you can integrate with multiple shipping providers. As a special offer, this add-on will be free during the beta trial period!

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Before you set up the shipping feature in your Heartland Retail account, you will need to set up an account with EasyPost. Follow the steps below to get started. 

  1. Add a production key to the EasyPost integration in Heartland Retail from your EasyPost account details here:

  2. Add a carrier to the integration in Heartland Retail. 

  3. (optional) Setup shipping methods.

  4. Add funds to your EasyPost account through EasyPost.

After you have created an account with EasyPost, please reach out to We will activate this feature for you in Heartland Retail.

Once the feature is active, you will see EasyPost(Beta) in your Integrations tab under Settings.

Add your API key as detailed above from your EasyPost account.

Once credentials are successfully saved, navigate to Settings > Shipping.

There are three tabs under Shipping. Click the carriers tab and select your preferred carrier. Note: You must have accounts previously set up with your preferred carrier. 

After selecting a carrier you can now create Shipping methods, this step is however optional. When you are on the shipping method tab select NEW and create a preferred shipping method, for example 'USPS Ground Shipping.' Adding commonly used shipping methods is a great way to save time when fulfilling an order. 

The last tab is the Email Notifications tab. Turn the 'Enable Shipment Email' on to turn on Sales Order shipping notifications. 

The template below will pull the necessary information from your shipment and notify the customer that their purchase is on it's way!

Please reach out to for more information regarding this beta feature. 

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