This is caused by Clover’s use of a security certificate issued by an authority that is no longer trusted by Google Chrome version 70 (their latest browser release) and above. Clover is aware of the issue and are working on rolling out a permanent fix. More technical details are available on this Google Chrome security blog post. In the meantime, we’ve identified the following workaround:

If you're getting this specific error when tendering payments to your Clover Mini device please follow the below guide:

  1. To start, open up your Chrome web browser and visit this website:

You should see the below warning:

If you do not see the above "Your connection is not private" warning, the issue may not be related to the problem here. Please reach out to for further diagnosis.

2. Click "Advanced" at the bottom left and then click "Proceed to"

Once you click proceed you'll be redirected to a blank page that will say 404 Not Found. This is ok!

3. Head back to your Heartland Retail account and try and tender a sale to the Clover Mini. It should be working normally now!

If after completing the steps, the Clover Mini device is still not able to take payment, please reach out to our support team at the above email!

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