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Swatch Feature for Heartland Retail
Swatch Feature for Heartland Retail

This article outlines the procedure for adding swatches to both your items and grids to sync with BigCommerce.

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Note: This feature is in beta and available only for users in the Professional tier and up. Please reach out to if you would like this feature turned on for you.

Adding a swatch to your item in Heartland Retail:

  • In Heartland Retail, please select Settings >> Custom Fields >> New. 

  • Name: This will be your Swatch Color/Pattern

  • You’ll need to select the GROUP dropdown first and choose Item.

  • “Field Type” will now include a “Swatch” value in the dropdown as seen below. Select the Swatch option.

  • You will immediately notice two fields: Name and Type. Here, you will identify the name of the swatch pattern or color and the Type. 

  • Type: As seen above, a dropdown reflects swatch color quantities or the option to upload an image.

  • To generate a color swatch, select “1, 2, or 3 Color.” Heartland Retail will then provide you a color combination tool in the panel scheme provided:

  • Save.

  • You can continue to add as many colors as you would like.

  • Select the Image Type to upload a image instead of a color. For example a flannel pattern or a garment texture.

Adding swatches to existing Grids

  • If you have an existing Grid with a color or pattern dimension that you would like to change to a swatch, you will need to first create the new custom swatch field as described above. Existing Grid custom fields can not be converted to swatch fields. Enter all of the possible swatch options and make sure to use the same syntax as the existing custom field color or pattern values.

  • Then export the items assigned to the grid to an excel or .csv file and copy the color or pattern column on the spreadsheet and paste it into the new swatch field. Then import the items back into Heartland Retail with the updated swatch field information. If you need a refresher on how to export and import items in Heartland Retail, please follow the link here!

  • Next you’ll need to add the new swatch dimension custom field to the Grid. From the Dashboard select in the top navigation bar: Inventory >> Grids. Select the grid you’ll be editing.

  • On the ITEMS tab at the bottom of the Grid’s information page, remove all of the items that are currently attached to the grid. Otherwise, when you select the new swatch dimension the item descriptions will be rearranged.

  • Open the DIMENSIONS tab. Click on the old pattern or color dimension dropdown, select the new swatch custom field and save the grid.

  • Add all the color swatch options you would like to add to this grid from the swatch custom field list.

*Note: Adding the new swatch dimension to a grid with more than one dimension will change the way the Grid INVENTORY tab will list the item quantities. For example: Color may have been listed vertically on the left and Size across the top but once the new swatch dimension was added the Size is now left aligned and the Color is across the top. To fix this, you can select the first dimension (in this case "Size") and choose another field on the list like Style Name or Category, then save the grid. This will add the dimension behind the new swatch dimension and you can select Size again and re-add the values (i.e. Small, Medium and Large).

  • Now that the grid is all set up you can add the items back onto the grid.

In BigCommerce, you will need to delete the old item profile before pushing the newly edited Grid with swatches up from Heartland Retail.

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