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Item Custom Field Display in POS and Sales Orders
Item Custom Field Display in POS and Sales Orders

This document outlines how to get your item custom fields displayed on the Point of Sale tickets as well as on your Sales Orders!

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Heartland Retail's custom fields have always been a powerful way to customize your experience inside our platform. Now, you can get that same level of customization right in the POS, allowing you to customize what you see at an item level.

With this new functionality, fields such as brand, style name, and any other custom field you need can appear at an item level and help your sales people to make sure the correct items are being sold.

For more information on adding, editing, or deleting custom fields in Heartland Retail, please view the reference guide here.

Turning on Item Custom Field Display

  • In the top navigation bar in your Heartland Retail account, select Settings >> Custom Fields >> New.

  • Once you create your custom field for GROUP: Item, select the following options to turn ON as seen below:

  • Select, Save.

Custom Field Display in POS

Now that you have turned the feature on, you can begin to ring up items in the Point of Sale and view item details as seen below!

Custom Field Display in Sales Orders
As reflected in a Sales Order!

*** Note: All custom field information is reflected on POS and Sales Order displays only. It will not be reflected on any printable documents.

Please reach out to if you have any questions or feedback for our team!

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