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Product Customizations
Product Customizations

Add personalized details to your items

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Product Customization allows you to add custom details to an item at the time of purchase. This is useful if you want to offer personalized services such as engraving or monogramming.

To get started, first designate which items are eligible for customization. The easiest way to do this is by adding a custom field to hold the information. In the example below, we’ve created a field called “Can have embroidery”, with the values Yes and No.

TIP: You can skip this step if you want all your items to be eligible for customization or if you already have fields to use for this purpose.

Next, add a Sales Transaction custom field to capture the embroidery details. In our example, we’ll call this field “Name”, and limit the input to 10 characters.

We’ll link this custom field to the items it should apply to by enabling the option “Use only with items matching the filter”. Our example matches the custom field we created above, but you can filter on any combination of item attributes.

Add as many of these Sales Transaction custom fields as you need. In the following field, we’re using a pick list to present a defined set of thread colors for embroidery.

Now when you ring up an item matching your filter criteria, you’ll be able to enter customization details at POS.

After you complete the transaction, you can see the details of the customization in the ticket record (Sales >> Tickets).

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