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BigCommerce Gift Card Integration
BigCommerce Gift Card Integration

Integrate your gift cards with BigCommerce today!

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Please Note: Please reach out to if you would like to integrate your gift cards with BigCommerce.

Let’s get started! Follow the steps below:

In Heartland Retail

Using the Heartland Retail reporting feature, create a report on Current Gift Card balances following steps 1-3 below:

  1. Reporting >> Analysis

  2. GROUPS : Gift Card >> Gift Card #

  3. METRICS: Gift Cards >> Ending Balance

  4. Export file to Excel.

  5. Open the Excel file. Headers for the excel sheet need to be exact as the template states. Like so:

  1. Heartland Retail does not attach a name or email address to recipients of gift cards. Please populate these fields with another value (Ex: Name: Unknown; Email: 

  2. Format the Amount Column to Number or you can remove the "$" symbol and any commas so it is in number format.

  3. Save as CSV. 

  4. If you are using Apple Numbers, you will “Export with Apple Numbers.”

  5. In Excel, use ”Save As” function.

In BigCommerce

After completing the steps above in Heartland Retail, navigate to your BigCommerce account: 

  1. Login to your BigCommerce Account.

  2. Select “Apps” on left side menu.

  3. Search apps: “Gift Certificate Importer” >> Install. (Note: You MUST be the owner of the account to complete this action).

  4. Begin uploading Gift Card CSV file into BigCommerce.

  5. Once the file is uploaded, navigate to the left side menu and select Orders >> Gift Certificates to view your gift certificates.

Hop back into Heartland Retail

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Payment Types

  2. Select “Gift Card”

  3. Under PAYMENT PROCESSING, select “With BigCommerce” in the dropdown.

  4. Select the BigCommerce site to connect to your integrated gift cards.

  5. SAVE.

Congratulations! Your gift certificates are officially integrated into your e-commerce site.

Issuing Gift Cards for Employees, Donations and More
Now that BigCommerce is handing your gift cards, to issue a gift card for any reason other than at the point of sale, you will upload the gift card information into BigCommerce and there you will add value!

Purchasing a Gift Card for use In Store or Online
You can still sell your gift cards in-store to be used on line as well as add value to the gift card.

  1. Navigate to the POS

  2. New Ticket

  3. Select Gift Card

   4. Scan gift card or enter gift card number manually>> Continue.

    5. Add Amount

    6. You will see that the gift card is now an item on the POS ticket. Select, "Tender" >> Add Payment  and Complete!

    7. This card will then be reflected under "Gift Certificates" in your BigCommerce account. 

PLEASE NOTE: Going forward, the client’s name will be attached to the gift certificate purchased and used. Any adjustments to the balance or other information of these cards is now made in BigCommerce and not in Heartland Retail.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

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