The Heartland Retail to Quickbooks Online integration does not currently allow you to map a finacial event in Heartland Retail to an Accounts Payable (or Accounts Receivable) general ledger type account in QBO. If you try to map to an AP account you might see this 'Action Required' error in your Heartland Retail QBO financial events. 

You can not map to an Accounts Payable account for multiple reasons, including the following:

(1)  The cost amount in the journal entry created in the Heartland Retail to QBO integration is the product amount only. This is the amount in the Heartland Retail product receipt.  It would not include costs like freight, taxes, or invoices level discounts, which are typicaly costs included in the in the total amount due to the vendor. The total amount due to a vendor is the bill amount that should be included in your Accounts Payable account. 

(2)  A 'name' (Vendor or Customer) is required in QBO when you are debiting or crediting an AP or AR general ledger account. Heartland Retail does not yet integrate Vendors (or Customers) between Heartland Retail and QBO.

Most of our customers map product receipts to an Other Current Liability account ( a clearing account) called something like 'Accrued Receipts Payable' or 'Product Received but Un-Invoiced'. Then they reconcile the product receipts in that account to an invoice and enter the bill into QBO so that entering the bill takes the reconciled product amount out of that 'clearing' account. These customers map the 'INVENTORY PURCHASES RECEIVED (LIABILITY)' (and 'RETURNED', in the item class mapping) to this account, not to an AP account, as per below:

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