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Processing Returns on Sales Orders with Clover
Processing Returns on Sales Orders with Clover
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After following these instructions, you successfully created a Sales Order in Heartland Retail. However, you found the item to not be available or your client changed their mind and you need to return payment. Heartland Retail has a quick and easy solution!

Refund the payment on Sales Order

  1. Navigate into your Pending or Open Sales Order.

  2. Scroll down the page and locate the PAYMENT header on the screen.

   3. After payment is taken, two options will be reflected: “Refund” or “Receipt.”

   4. Select “Refund.”
   5. A prompt will appear from Heartland Retail (as seen below). Select, "Yes, refund       payment."

    6. You are all set! Your refund has been processed!

If you have any questions regarding processing a refund on a Sales Order or Layaway ticket with Clover, please reach out to!

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