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Webinar Checklist and Homework

Now that you have completed the first installment of the webinar series, the steps below will help you to take that content and apply it to getting your business up and running with Heartland Retail.

  •  Did you complete the checklist your onboarding lead sent you?

  • Navigate to ‘Set Up’ (the orange button in the navigation view your new account)

  • Review the Help Center! Find the ‘General/Admin’ section.

  • Top Navigation Bar > Settings


  • Add your company name and address. If you have one location, this could be your store address. 

  • Add your logo (this is what will show up on your receipts!


  • Add your locations (anywhere you are selling to customers and/or where you have inventory). Remember that as soon as you save the location name and number, more info will become available for you to complete. The location address is the address that will print on a customer’s receipt, which is dependent on which location where you are ringing in a customer.

  • Add your selling stations (where you will ring in a customer). Think of this as setting up your ‘cash 

  • Add your cash drawers and also your cash float amount (the amount you want left in your drawer each night). 


  • Create some roles and then review the available permissions and alerts. As you make your way through the Heartland Retail webinar training sessions, review the related permissions. The permissions will make more sense to you have after attend the related training session. 


  • Create a few users, every user will need an email address for password recovery.


  • Do you want to require the Sales Rep and Customer to complete a ticket?

  • Determine whether you want to turn the remaining toggles on or off

  • Decide which POS Reasons you want to use and add those reasons:

  • Require Reason when Adjusting Price (Most popular: Damaged, Price Correction, Friend and Family)

  • Require Reason when Voiding a Ticket (Most popular: Customer Completed Elsewhere, Handled Elsewhere, Duplicate Ticket)

  • Require a Reason when Removing item from a Ticket


  • If you want Sales Plan reflected on the Sales > Dashboard, you enter (or import) Daily sales plan here.


  • We will cover this in our inventory training, however, this is where you will allow you to more easily create grids because you can create templates for, as an example, size. More information here.


  • You can ignore this for now! You will use this if you want to take advantage of our QBO integration. Check out this related article: 


  • Click into the four built-in payment types and decide if you need any additional (customer) payment types.

  • Will you use custom payment types? 

INTEGRATIONS: Review and confirm which integrations you will take advantage of.

SHIPPING: Will you use sales orders? If so, continue to set up shipping methods.


  • Think about your tax rules. Add each tax rule

  • Do you have multiple locations that fall under different tax rules? If so, you also need to set up tax jurisdictions


  • Inventory Adjustment Reasons (Most common: Physical Count, Damaged, Shrinkage, Correction, Transfer Loss, Donation)

  • Cash Paid Reasons (Most common: Supplies, Postage, Getting Change, Food for an Event)

  • Gift Card Adjustment Reasons: (Most common: Donation, Employee Contest, Initial Import, Marketing/Promotion)

  • Note: some of the reason codes were already set up under 'Settings' > 'POS'


  • Take a look at all the places you can create a custom field (go to 'Settings' > 'Custom Fields' > ‘New’ and look at the drop down list under ‘Group’ (this is the locations where you can put fields).

  • Consider adding some custom fields, maybe create a field called ‘Birthday Month’ on the Customer Group (Record) and make it a pick from a list that is NOT required.

  • Remember your custom fields are something that will evolve more once you take and study the Inventory Webinar.


  • Decide if you want to email receipts (highly recommended!)

  • Email sending address

  • Add your current return policy to the POS receipts, under ‘template’ > ‘Footer/Return Policy”. 

  • More information on receipts here.


  • This is currently for the customer dashboard. You can customize the three spend lists and the three pie charts on the customer dashboard. This setup can be done as part of the POS / Selling training. 


  • If you are interested in this, contact your Onboarding Manager

  •  Hardware (Barcode Scanners, Label Printers, Cash Drawers, and Receipt Printers)

  • Read the articles in the Help Center that pertain to your specific hardware.

  • Test your current hardware. 

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