Selling Webinar Homework
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Now that you have completed the third installment of the webinar series, this article will help you review the content you have just learned.  The steps below will help you to take that content and apply it to getting your business up and running with Heartland Retail.

1. Check out the Help Center, especially Point of Sale and Sales sections. 

2. Review the Settings that affect the POS.

  • Locations, Stations Drawers

  • Users

  • Roles

  • POS 

  • Payment Types

  • Receipts

3. Run through the steps of a basic sales transaction. See how-to here

4. Review the two different types of Returns

  • Manual Returns, especially when you are a new Heartland Retail customer and still building up ticket history. 

  • Returns made from original tickets (Recommended) 

5. Issuing Gift Cards at the POS

6. Issuing/Adjusting Gift Cards Under Sales > Gift Cards

7. Review Layaways

9. Review EOD procedures

10. Sales Order

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