Inventory Webinar Homework
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Now that you have completed the second installment of the webinar series, this article will help you take that content and apply it to getting your business up and running with Heartland Retail.

  1. Check out the Help Center, especially Inventory and Purchase Orders sections. 

  2. Create your Vendors: Will you manually create them or import them? 

  3. Plan and create your Item Hierarchy (custom fields you want on your items). 

  4. How will you get your Item Catalog (items, not inventory quantities) into Heartland Retail? Import? Manual/New? Grids

  5. How will you get your Item Quantities in for go live? Will you perform a physical count? Will you import your quantities? Will you receive quantities against a PO? 

  6. Think about Timing as it related to items and quantities of those items. What will you have ‘on hand’ for go live? What will you receive in after go live, so you can being to create Purchase Orders (POs) for items that will be received AFTER go live.

  7. Consider Creating POs for items you want to receive in (before or after go live).

  8. Create the Custom Fields (Settings > Custom Fields) that you want on your inventory, purchase order, purchasing receipts, purchasing receipts, transfers and inventory adjustment records. 

  9. Create your Inventory Adjustment Reasons (under Settings > Reason Codes

As you go through this checklist, be sure to document any questions you have so you can address them during your personalized training time! 

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