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Why is my financial event showing up as synced in Heartland Retail but not showing up as a Journal Entry in QBO?
Why is my financial event showing up as synced in Heartland Retail but not showing up as a Journal Entry in QBO?
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If you are set up with the Heartland Retail and Quickbooks Online integration, you may find yourself asking this very question: Why is this financial event showing a status of “Synced” in Heartland Retail but I cannot find the journal entry in QBO? 

When Heartland Retail is syncing a journal entry into QBO, the financial event number (transaction number) in Heartland Retail becomes the journal entry number in QBO. When syncing a financial event, the first thing Heartland Retail does is look in QBO to see if the journal entry number already exists in QBO. If the entry does exist, Heartland Retail marks the event/transaction as “Synced” in Heartland Retail and does not try and re-push the journal entry. 

Note: Heartland Retail does not look at the details of the journal entry to see if they are the same; it looks at the event/journal entry number only. 

If you are not seeing a journal entry in QBO that you believe should be there, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Log into your QBO account

  2. Select the magnifying glass in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen. This is your search box. (If you are not familiar with how to do this, please reach out to Quickbooks Online for assistance).

  3. Search for the Transactions in QBO by typing in the 6-digit financial event as reflected in Heartland Retail.

If you do not find the event number, you will go back into Heartland Retail and try to resync. To do this:

  1. Go into Settings

  2. Select Integrations>> QuickBooks Online

  3. Select the Financial Events tab and use the drop down menu to search for the transaction in all different 'status' types (processing, never synced, etc.).

    4. Find the transaction and hit the “Retry.” button next to the event.

If you do find the event number in QBO, open up the journal entry in QBO with that event number and confirm that it is the correct journal entry. If it is not correct, then it is most likely because you have recurring transactions set up in QBO (for example, maybe the first of each month you recognize the expense on a prepaid asset or you book your monthly rent amount). Those recurring transactions automatically look at the last journal entry number in QBO and then book the recurring transaction with the next entry number.

For example, if your POS ticket number ‘SALE123456’ was the last journal entry number entered/synced, the recurring transaction journal entry number would use 'SALE123457'. Then when the real financial event/ticket #123456 goes to sync, Heartland Retail finds the journal entry number and marks the event as synced in Heartland Retail. To fix this, we recommend that you change the journal entry number on the recurring transaction so it is not a journal entry number that Heartland Retail uses, then go back into Heartland Retail, select “Retry” and it should go through.

You are all set!

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

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