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Inventory Adjustment Report
Inventory Adjustment Report

How to create and report on your inventory adjustments

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Recording inventory adjustments is a critical part of managing your business. Typically, at the end of your accounting period -whether it be months or year- your inventory account is adjusted to reflect the cost of goods owned by your company on the balance sheet. 

The document below will outline how to report on Inventory Adjustments. To get more information on completing inventory adjustments, view our Help Center article here.

Building your Report

  1. Navigate to Reporting>> Analysis

  2. Set the date range and locations on which you are reporting.


3. In the GROUPS tab, select to add:

  • Inventory>> Adjustment #

  • Inventory>> Adjustment Reason

Note: For information on adding, editing, and deleting inventory adjustment reasons, take a peek here.

4. In the METRICS tab, select to add:

  • Inventory Adjustments>> Net Adjusted Cost

  • Inventory Adjustments>> Net Adjusted Qty

  • Inventory Adjustments>> Net Adjusted Price

Note: To eliminate the subtotals, select the OPTIONS tab on the right end of the Reporting tabs and uncheck the top box that reads: INCLUDE SUBTOTALS?

Congratulations, you've created an Inventory Adjustment report!

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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