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Heartland Retail's Integration with Accumula
Heartland Retail's Integration with Accumula

If you are using Heartland Retail+Accumula with Shopify or Magento, this article provides an overview for that integration.

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Accumula has built an e-commerce integration with Heartland Retail that can replace Heartland Retail's built-in integration with Shopify and Magento. See the Accumula website (Heartland Retail Integration) and this article for more information.  

It takes just a few steps prep your Heartland Retail account to be ready for the integration with Accumula. For example, you will need to set up certain custom fields, such as Category, UPC, Short Description, Tags, Online Price, and Weight in your Heartland Retail account to get the integration started. This article provides you with the necessary steps to get your Heartland Retail account ready for the integration.

If you have any other questions about the Accumula integration, please contact Accumula here: Accumula Support

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