Initial Setup for Ethernet and Wifi:

Connecting to your counter via it's Wi-Fi

1. Open Wi-Fi network list / Wi-Fi connection list

2. Select the "TrafficCounter" network.

3. Enter the password: "trafficdata"

4. A message may pop up stating that the internet is unavailable with "TrafficCounter" - Click OK.

5. Once connected, open an internet browser and enter in the address bar to access the setup page.

6. Follow the prompts in Traffic Counter Network Setup to connect the traffic counter to your stores network. 

Setting up the Tracking/Counting Line:

1. On the bottom of the page, Click on Next button

2. Enter the desired Sensor name and select Submit. (ex: Front Door)

3. Select Configure Counting Line – the sensor will take a picture and present on your screen (picture will load within 30 seconds).

4. On the picture, Click on 2 points you would like the tracking line to be set. The line should be horizontal to the desired counting area (see below for example).

Click submit - your tracking line is now set! You'll be redirected to the final setup screen.

Network Setup

Connecting to your counter to your store's Wi-Fi

1. On the setup screen choose your store Wi-Fi network ID, enter your Wi-Fi password.  (If your network does not appear, select rescan. If network does not appear after rescanning please contact our support team)

2. After a few seconds, your device will disconnect from the Heartland RetailTRAC counter, and the unit will now be online on your network

3. Verify your counter was successfully connected to your network by going to Settings - Network & Internet Settings – Select to view your Available Wi-Fi networks list. – If TrafficCounter is listed as an available network, then the connection was not successful, and the setup process should be repeated

  • *NOTE: If TrafficCounter is still listed as an available network after setup, try to rescan the network list before going through setup again – the list often needs to refresh before dropping TrafficCounter from the list

  • *NOTE: Ensure password for store Wi-Fi network was entered correctly – most common reason counter does not connect to network is due to incorrect password

Connecting your TRAC unit to your Heartland Retail account

Once you've completed all installation steps and connected your TRAC unit to Wi-Fi, you are ready to connect to the TRAC device to your Heartland Retail Retail account. Just email us at and we'll help you complete the setup in your Heartland Retail account.

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