• A screwdriver and drill will be necessary for assembly. Other materials may be required. 

  • Your counter requires power an outlet must accessible.  

Installing Your TRAC Hardware:

1. Survey installation area to ensure the TRAC camera has a clear line of sight to the desired traffic counting area.  Keep in mind the counter must face down. In most cases this will require mounting the counter to the ceiling. 

2. The unit should be mounted with both screw holes aligned parallel to the counting area, and the camera view hole placed pointing directly into your store as illustrated below.

3. Place the TRAC counter at your desired installation spot and mark the position of the screw holes on the ceiling with both holes aligned parallel to the counting area. 

4. Drill holes and insert the drywall anchors. Insert screws into drywall anchors, leaving 1/8” of the screw head exposed.

5. Carefully line up the mounting holes on the unit with the drywall anchors and secure it using the screws

6. Plug the power cable into a consistently powered outlet or surge protector.

***Note: It is critical that the power outlet connected to the TRAC unit is consistently connected to power, not connected to an outlet controlled by a switch. Your counter must have power to accurately count traffic. 

Once your Heartland Retail TRAC unit is installed, follow these instructions to set up your unit and start counting traffic! A Wi-Fi capable device (laptop, pc, tablet or phone) is needed to complete setup.  For the setup process you must be within 25 feet of the TRAC unit.  

What to expect after install and setup:

Within 72 hours, a team member will call the store to schedule calibration of the counter and address any performance issues as needed.

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