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My printer keeps disappearing!
My printer keeps disappearing!

Have Heartland Retail Connect running once and for all on your Mac

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Heartland Retail Connect is the main communication line between Heartland Retail and your devices including your receipt printer, label printer, and payment device. If this is not up and running on your Mac or PC, you will be unable to use this hardware. If you have not installed Connect, you can here.

How do I know if Connect is running on my Mac?

On your desktop, you should see the Heartland Retail Connect icon in the upper, right hand corner of your screen as seen below:

If you do not see this icon, it means Connect is not active. You can relaunch Connect by opening Finder, selecting the “Applications” menu option and opening Heartland Retail Connect.

If you are logged into Heartland Retail, you will see the following warning message in your POS settings:

I have done this before and my printer still does not show up!

If this sounds like you then Heartland Retail Connect is not automatically opening when you sign on. To assign the program, follow these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences

  2. Select Users & Groups

  3. Login Items as seen below:

      4. Select the “+” 

      5. Open your Applications folder, search Heartland Retail Connect>> Add. 

The application will now be active upon login and should not disappear from your desktop!

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