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Does Heartland Retail have a customer-facing POS display?
Does Heartland Retail have a customer-facing POS display?

Using your Clover Mini as a customer-facing itemized display.

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Our integration with the Clover Mini now includes a customer facing itemized display!
After each item is scanned into Heartland Retail POS the Clover Mini screen will switch to show the description and price of each item scanned. If an item is removed from the ticket it will be removed from the display as well. 

To enable this feature on your device, navigate to the left menu in the POS and click on the "Settings" link at the bottom left corner:

If you've already enabled the Clover payment gateway, a new dropdown for Customer Display Device will appear.

Select your Clover Mini as the payment and display device.

Close the settings window and add any item to the ticket. You should see the Clover Mini switch displays to show the item information and ticket subtotal. If the display does not automatically switch over try refreshing your internet browser or the Heartland Retail app.

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