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Reporting: Net Sales by Hour
Reporting: Net Sales by Hour

Create a report for your net sales by hour

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Heartland Retail has an incredible reporting feature that will reflect not only your sales by the day, month, and year, but also by the hour. This is a terrific tool to help you as the business owner decide which days and times to adjust your staff on the floor to meet the needs of your clients. Let’s begin!


The Dashboard in your Heartland Retail account reflects various amounts of information including your sales plan for the day, returns, and other alerts for the users. One of these charts will reflect your Net Sales By Hour as seen in the graph below. 


How do I view Net Sales By Hour in reporting for a given time period? Easy! Follow the steps below:

  1. Reporting>> Analysis

  2. Filter the dates you would like to view

    3. GROUPS:

  • Location

  • Date

  • Sales Transaction #

  • Time>> Hour

    4. METRICS

  • Source Sales>> Net Sales

  • Source Sales>> Net Qty Sold

   5. You’ve created a report!

You can continue to add additional information from the dropdown in your GROUPS tab including: Sales Rep, User, and Item #.

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