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Refunding Payments on an Unfillable Sales Order
Refunding Payments on an Unfillable Sales Order
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There are times when a sales order can't be fulfilled. Maybe you have sold out of the item or the customer calls and changes their mind. If you have taken payment on the sales order (or a deposit) you need to refund the customer that payment amount.

On a Sales Order, the payment taken as a deposit has a built-in refund button on Heartland Retail.  Due to advances in EMV technology and security - many processors don't allow the storage of credit card information, making the direct refund (or use of the refund button) unavailable. Because of this, when refunding a payment on a sales order you must process a new refund payment before you cancel the order.  This article will walk you through exactly how to that below.

  1. Since a new payment must be processed, you must contact the customer to obtain the customer's credit card in order to process the refund

   2. Go into the open sales order and "add payment" (just like you originally did when                you took the payment or order on the sales order)

    3. Tender a negative amount matching exactly what was paid as a deposit. (Or the            difference if it is partial). As soon as you hit 'add payment' the customer's                        credit card will be refunded by that amount. 

4.  Once the transaction is completed, you can then cancel the sales order. The customer will have been refunded the payment (or deposit) amount previously made. 

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