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Reporting on Sales by Sales Rep

This document outlines how to create a simple Sales Rep report.

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Note: This article explains how to report on sales by sales rep using the new sales rep tracking feature, currently in beta.

Take these simple steps to run a report measuring what was sold by your sales reps and when. To build this report, navigate to Reports > Analysis. Under the groups tab, select:

  1. Location>> Name

  2. Sales Transaction>> #

  3. Sales Reps>> Name

  4. Sales Reps>> Employee #

  5. Date

Once the groups have been selected you can move them around into the order you prefer by selecting the specific group and moving it up or down on the list. Then click the metrics tab and select the following:

  1. Source Sales >> Net Sales

The next step will be to filter the report as you see fit. Go to the filters tab and select the date range you would like to report on. For this example I chose Month to Date. 

Next go to the sort tab and sort by date. Now the report is ready for you to save, export or sort further. 

Remember that this is a simple and flexible version of the report, add whatever groups, metrics and filters that suit your needs. For more information on creating reports click here. 

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